Lots of people come to love the Handy Maniac.

Yes, really.

The Handy Maniac is brilliant. And though he sometimes made my husband crazy, HM was ALWAYS RIGHT!!! He also taught me how to load the dishwasher. His superior design sense, wealth of knowledge, passion and humor will transform a project into a palace. The HM makes husbands crazy but wives happy!
— Jen, Brooklyn
Who knew home improvement could be so sexy? I used a shim to pitch my radiator toward the valve. It was my first time and it made all the difference. I’m embarrassed to admit that I never knew what the banging noise was coming from my radiator, even in spite of being raised by a plumber. The Handy Maniac is funny, fresh and boldly goes where many a lazy homeowner fails to tred. Gazzaniga invites you to be a fly on a wall while providing much-needed lessons that should be in everybody’s toolkit. The Handy Maniac’s rants will leave you laughing and wanting more.
— Alicia Slimmer, Brooklyn
If the Handy Maniac told me to spackle my head, I’d do it.
— Peter K. Hirsch, NYC
The Handy Maniac is a gentleman and a genius and I wouldn’t hire anyone else to work on my home. He fully renovated my first and second homes and my office in Chelsea. He has great vision and has designed each project, saving me lots of money. He is the kind of guy you invite over for Thanksgiving. In fact, I invited him for Thanksgiving.
— George Shea, Brooklyn (married to Jen)