Home repair, maintenance and renovation advice.

Whether you want it or not.


Meet the Handy Maniac


The Handy Maniac (HM) renovates people’s homes. Which means he is part architect, part interior designer, plumber, electrician, engineer, contractor, carpenter, house cleaner and handyman – not to mention shrink, marriage counselor, and nanny.

And yes, he is a little crazy.

He will yell at you about habits you have never questioned. But only because he cares. He believes in prevention and maintenance before renovation. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have a lot to say about the right way to re-do a kitchen. HE IS TOO OLD FOR THIS SH*T. So he'd rather teach you the skills to fix it yourself.



Meet the Writer


My name is Marin Gazzaniga and I am married to the Handy Maniac. I am a writer, so I don't need to care about how I hang my towels, load my dishwasher, or caulk a tub.  I have deep thoughts to think and sentences to craft. WRONG.

It has taken years for HM's LESSONS to penetrate that far-away look I get when he talks about grout. Now that we are home owners I (grudgingly) realize he has been right all along.

I am doing you a favor and translating his rants into prose. I am listening and asking questions so you don't have to.  Read his advice; take it to heart. You and your home will be better for it. Trust me.